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International Travel Network (ITN) is the premier provider of efficient, technologically innovative, cost-effective resources that enable airlines worldwide to divest discounted fares and excess inventory. Training and utilizing a network of independent travel experts to offer personalized advice, management, unique technologies and tools to identify sales channels and buyers ready to purchase, ITN effectively puts airlines together with the right customer, at precisely the right time.

As airfares can fluctuate significantly each day, immediate access to accurate pricing for a variety of airlines is imperative to discount travel customers. ITN’s 24/7, worldwide service network of more than 400 sales agents, over 30 ticketing agents, and in-house support of more than 50 representatives assisting both customers and agents, offers the most real-time discounted travel information available.

ITN’s vast accessibility and availability are equally matched in its commitment to positive customer experience, safety, and security. Proprietary risk and fraud prevention technology, developed by a staff of more than 30 front/back-end developers and designers, ensures fraudulent transactions are below the industry-standard minimum. Streamlined, automated schedule change processing systems ensure seamless service to the company’s more than 210,000 unique visitors per month. Despite substantial year over year growth and increased traffic.

Founded in 2004, ITN began as a family-owned, brick-and-mortar travel agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. With excellent customer service, and the resulting good word of mouth, it became a fully staffed, bustling office in less than two years. The company’s solid reputation allowed it to survive the travel industry’s recession in the years following 9/11, when many others closed their doors. ITN, along with the travel industry, moved to an online marketplace, where it competed against much larger consolidators with big ad budgets and venture capital financing. Despite the challenges, the company became a strong competitor for discount travel with a large percentage of repeat business due to superior customer experience.

Despite continuous international economical crises and airline industry upheavals occurring since the company’s founding, ITN consistently exceeded goals and, in 2011, issued more than 65,000 airline tickets, showed an annual sales increase of more than 72%, reaching $100 million.

ITN’s measurable success is owed in part to its direct consolidator/partnership agreements with 25 major airlines: Air Canada, Arik Air, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Czech Airlines, Egypt Air, El Al, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, Iberia, Jet Airways, Kenya Airways, LAN Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Philippine Airlines, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Swiss Airlines, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines.

Valuable partnerships with carriers, coupled with superior service and technology has earned the company a substantial market share in many overseas destinations. ITN dominates in ticket sales on select North America to Africa routes, specifically: Nairobi (5% market share), Entebbe (7%), Accra (4%), Lome (28%), Cotonou (18%), Banjul (15%), Monrovia (12%) and Duala (12%). Travel from the United States to Manila has also proved an enormous growth sector at ITN, with over 8,000 tickets sold in 2011 and, in 2012, a record-breaking 1,000 tickets sold in the month of April alone, projecting an annual 1.5% share of the entire Philippines market.

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