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Personalized Services

ITN provides tools and solutions for airlines, travel agencies and a network of independent travel agents that serve over a million happy customers.
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Our Brands

One of our busiest travel brands we use to bring leads to our subagents. It offers private airfares and exclusive offline specials of mostly economy and last-minute segments to go from anywhere in the US to anywhere in the world, particularly to Asia and Africa, at wholesale prices.
A travel-management brand, where flight experts provide personal travel booking and concierge services focusing on group and corporate customers flying overseas.
A travel brand getting leads for traveling between the USA and Africa to our subagents and offering discounted and privately negotiated airfares.


Discover The Difference

Driven Team

Our team hovers at around 600 sales subagents from different cultures all around the world and we have a rapidly growing customer base of international travelers.

Awesome Tools

We provide full infrastructure such as access to GDS, toll-free number, phone system, CRM and developer team support for our subagents to make their work productive and comfortable.

Amazing Customers

From single travelers to big businesses and travel groups, flying all over the world with over 200 airlines, they will make every day lively and different.

Unbeatable Products.

Exclusive fares with partner airlines allow our network of agents to offer them to their customers and keep them coming back for more.

Flexible Hours

Our experts don’t punch the clock and the reason is simple: our subagents are in charge of how much and when they work, so if you need to combine work with study, love the concept of working from anywhere, or don’t like to get up early, you can create your own schedule as an independent contractor.


As an independent agent you can adjust your own work-life balance to keep your mind healthy and your motivation high. Top performing agents get the chance to win free airline tickets and gift cards.


Worldwide and Growing

Afia Uba,
ITN School Coach
We show new agents how to combine technical and sales skills; we teach them customer behavior psychology and all the know-how tricks. This format doesn’t just apply online, as we have coaches who mentor new subagents all the way — not only during their basic training, but throughout their whole first year.
Ethan Vinson,
Independent Agent, United States
At the beginning I didn’t know a thing about what Apollo was or what airport codes meant, but now I’m proud to be one of the leading experts with lots of loyal customers. What I love the most is that I can work from anywhere, even during my diving trips.
Peter Vazan*,
CEO* Travel Management Group
ITN is a great place for hundreds of young and energetic people with a shared love for travel who are building an incredible, scalable travel infrastructure across the world. Passion for achieving our goals is what brings us together.
Akeem Ghazali,
Independent Agent, Moldova
It’s always nice to work in the travel business, and the fact that you’re working with a higher-than-average number of bright and fun people, while having a basis for some pretty amazing work, is a great advantage.
Daniel Lei*,
Director of Business Development* Travel Management Group
Personalized service has always been one of the core elements of our success. The diligence and integrity of our agents, many of whom also speak other languages, together with unrivaled professionalism, is what makes all the difference.


the power of technology
and incredible expertise


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ITN is a consolidator headquartered in San Francisco with a growing network of 600 subagents. Our plan is to grow the number of subagents within the next three to five years to 2,500. ITN helps airlines and advertisers achieve their goals.
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